France seizes dead seahorses en route to Vietnam

20 August, 2016 | Vietnam News
FILE PHOTO: Handout picture shows a short-snouted seahorse. (Photo: Zoological Society of London via Reuters)

French customs officials say they have seized about 2,000 dead seahorses in parcels from the west African country of Guinea that were destined for Vietnam.

The endangered creatures, described as ‘dead and dehydrated’, were reportedly found hidden in plastic bags by customs officers in a Paris suburban post office.

Seahorses are prized in Asia for use in traditional medicine and as aphrodisiacs.

They are classed as a protected species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites).

In February 2015, French officials seized some 19,000 seahorses valued at 200,000 euros (almost $A300,000) en route from Madagascar to Hong Kong.

– TiVi Tuan-san