‘Made By Refugee’ campaign launched by Vietnamese-American grad and friend

18 April, 2017 | Vietnamese Community News
(Image courtesy of Kien Quan)

A Vietnamese-American advertising school graduate has embarked on a guerrilla marketing campaign, tacking ‘made by refugee’ stickers on products across New York City.

26-year-old Kien Quan and his friend Jillian Young have been plastering their stickers across anything made by refugees — from Sriracha sauce to Bob Marley records and birth control pills.

The pair told VnExpress that if it wasn’t for refugees, the world wouldn’t be the same.

They were incensed to start their project after President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban citizens from eight Muslim countries.

Like the tags “Made in China” or “Made in the USA”, Quan and Young believe “Made by a refugee” is just as worthy a title.


– TiVi Tuan-san