IERA-VIC to fundraise up to $2.5m for construction project

07 April, 2016 | Vietnamese Community News
Conference session: Some members from IERA-VIC and its fundraising committee. (Photo: TiVi Tuan-san)
The Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association Victoria (IERA-VIC), which has been put in charge of constructing an aged care home for Vietnamese residents estimated at $13.5 million, is calling for the public’s help to contribute $2.5 million to complete the project.

The not-for-profit organisation, in June 2013, received from the Federal Government an $8 million grant towards the project and a $3 million zero real interest loan.

Construction to build what will be called the Brimbank Vietnamese Aged Care facility in Melbourne’s north-western suburb of Cairnlea began in September 2014.

But the association now needs another $2.5 million to finish the project by the end of this year.

IERA-VIC and its fundraising committee are currently holding meetings to discuss the best ways to raise the money.

Once built, the Brimbank centre – which is modelled after the successful Mekong Vietnamese Aged Care Centre in Keilor East – will include 60 single bedrooms with connecting private en suites, lounge and dining areas, care stations and more.

It is designed to have an expansion capability for an extra 40 beds to be added as the centre grows.

Recently, IERA-VIC’s board committee appointed the past president of the Australian Vietnamese Health Professionals Association of Victoria, Dr Phuc Nhan Pham, as the chair of its fundraising campaign.

Dr Pham was part of last year’s Sunshine Hospital Critical Care Appeal that raised more than $240,000 for the infirmary’s purchasing of new high-tech equipment for acute care services.

President of IERA, Mr Huy Nguyen (second left) and Chair of the fundraising campaign, Dr Phuc Nhan Pham (right). (Photo: TiVi Tuan-san)

Dr Pham told TiVi Tuan-san, the new aged-care centre is of paramount importance, “After 40 years, [lots of people in] the Vietnamese community have grown up and we have a lot of elderly people in Victoria.

“Even though we have the Mekong [Aged Care Centre] in Keilor East with 65 beds, it’s not enough. We still need more.

“I think this area in the Cairnlea suburb is a very good place with a large area of about 4 acres.”

Dr Pham said the Brimbank centre is aimed to promote the Vietnamese lifestyle, culture and traditions.

He added that the new facility will provide both low and high care services for the Vietnamese community.

“All the people there will be served by Vietnamese people; Doctors, nurses… So the relationship between the Vietnamese person and the staff will be good.

“They will be able to understand each other.”

Dr Pham is urging the public to help support the project.

“I would like to call all the Vietnamese communities. All generations – first, second and third generations to help in this campaign. [It’s] for the benefit of our community.”

The Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association Victoria has more than 2400 members and six sub-branches.

– TiVi Tuan-san

UPDATE (11/04/2016), Letter from the Fundraising Committee:

Dear Leaders of Religions, Australian Vietnamese Community President, Victorian Vietnamese Community President, Leaders of Victorian Vietnamese Associations and groups including Indochinese Elderly Association, Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association and Victorian Vietnamese Health Association particularly, other Vietnamese Associations and Vietnamese people in general.

On the 5th of April 2016, at 6.30 pm, an important meeting was held at the Mekong Nursing Hostel to discuss the plans of fundraising for the Cairnlea Nursing Home Project.

The outcome of this meeting is as follows:

1/ Fundraising in shares is valued at $500 each (No interest). One to seven years period of refunding to shareholders by balloting; one-month-in-advance notification in case of urgent refund needed.

2/ Receipts provided for monetary donations from $2 up.

3/ Fundraising in forms such as collection tins, Facebook, internet, community music concerts and the final party function held at Happy Reception on 17/07/16 at 6 pm.

4/ Undertaking health assessment through myagedcare (ACAT- Aged Care Assessment Team )

5/ Next meeting detailing the logo and policy held at Mekong Nursing Home ( 8 Trott place, Keilor East ) on 19/04/16 at 6.30pm.

On behalf of the fundraising organisation committee, we warmly invite you to attend the meeting to discuss on the fundraising plan for Cairnlea Nursing Home.

We would like to nominate Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan and Bishop Vincent Long to play key advising roles in this fundraising project.

1/ Fundraising directors
– Dr Phuc Nhan Pham
– Mr Dung Le (Hollywood Nails)

2/ Fundraising vice directors
– Mr Trung Nguyen
– Mr Truc Nguyen ( Bishop Vincent Long Assistant)
– Mr Frank Chang
– Mr La Khai Nguyen
– Ms Phuong Vi
– Dr Huy Hoang Huynh

3/ Planning Group
– Mr Huy Van Nguyen (IERA Chairman )
– Mr Dung Le (IERA Manager )
– Mr Hieu Van Le

4/ Accounting, Financial and Tickets Distributing Group
– Ms Kim Thanh Le
– Ms Hue Tinh
– Mr Huu Loc Lam ( BILO)
– Mr Duc Vinh Nguyen

5/ Advocating, Marketing, Facebook & Website Group
– Ms Giang Tho
– Mr Quang Nguyen
– Mr Binh Le
– Mr Truc Nguyen
– Mr Tho Bui
– Mr Kiet Quach
– Mr Le Khai Nguyen
– Mr Hong Ky
– Mr Hai Trieu Vuong
– Mr Hong Ly

6/ Musical Performance Group
– Pharmacist Hien Phan
– Mr Phu Le
– Mr Hong Ky
– Ms Julie Huynh
– Ms Dang Tho
– Ms Tina Nguyen
– Mr Mai Linh Nguyen

7/ Greeting Group
– Dr Thu Dieu Thi Ngo
– Ms Thu Lam

8/ Media Group
– Mr Tien Dung Kieu ( VNTV)
– Nhan Quyen Weekly Magazine
– Mr Tri Nguyen ( ASTCO)
– SBS Radio 974

Births, old age, illnesses and deaths are the natural processes of life. Over past 40 years, the population of Australian Vietnamese elderly has been increasing. At present in Victoria, there is only one Vietnamese owned and operated nursing home, Mekong Nursing Home, which has been unable to meet the increasing need for the Vietnamese community. The nursing home only has 65 beds.

Compared with other ethnic communities such as Italian, Greek or Turkish where their elderlies usually make bond payments to be admitted to their nursing homes, Vietnamese elderlies do not tend to pay bonds due to financial difficulty.

In the meantime, a nursing home in Sydney is set to build for $17 million, which has mostly been loaned.

With the $13,500,000 construction project of the Cairnlea Nursing Home, we are fortunate not only to purchase the land with a good price but also be offered the government fund of $8,000,000 and lent the low-interested mortgage of $3,000,000 . The Senior Citizens Group has to contribute the rest of $2,500,000. This construction project is approaching the final stage.

If the donations for Royal Children’s Hospital & Sunshine Hospital are the gestures of our gratitude to Australia as per saying ” When drinking water, remember the source “, the fundraising for Cairnlea Nursing Home is a deed showing gratitude and respect to parents and our relatives as well as our Vietnamese persons.

1/ The Cairnlea Nursing Home is constructed with a 9C model which is a modern structure in comparison with other nursing homes.

2/ The Cairnlea Nursing Home is in a quiet and convenient location.

3/ The Cairnlea Nursing Home is close to Sunshine Hospital.

4/ The Cairnlea Nursing Home is under Vietnamese management and operation.

5/ The Cairnlea Nursing Home provide high and low level cares.

As mentioned above, while Westerners tend to be independent, our Vietnamese people are family-oriented where elderlies usually live with their children.’ Nursing home’ is an intimidating phrase to Vietnamese aged people in Australia. However, since Mekong Aged Care was founded to serve Vietnamese community in Melbourne in 1995, Vietnamese ill and aged people have begun to accept Mekong as their new home.

With the increasing aged population, the Cairnlea Nursing Home Project, would be an effective measure.

In order to complete this project , we ask for support and contributions from all leaders of Religions, Australian Vietnamese Community President, Victorian Vietnamese Community President, Leaders of Victorian Vietnamese Associations and groups including Indochinese Elderly Association, Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association and Victorian Vietnamese Health Association particularly and other Vietnamese Associations and Vietnamese people in general.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

On behalf of the Fundraising Committee
Dr Nhan Phuc Pham and Mr Dung Le

Photos from the meeting: