About Us

Founded by Hong-Anh Nguyen, TiVi Tuan-san is a popular Vietnamese news provider in print and online. From its inception in 1985, TiVi Tuan-san was one of the first Vietnamese newspapers to have circulated in Melbourne, Australia. Within only one year, the publication began circulating nationwide.

TiVi Tuan-san, which translates to “TV Weekly”, first began as a weekly television guide featuring complete program listings spanning channels across Australia. Soon after, TiVi Tuan-san formed into a weekly newspaper, providing world and domestic news as well as covering a broad range of topics for the Vietnamese community in Australia. In 2007, TiVi Tuan-san further expanded through establishing its Vietnamese-language online publication.

An English edition was introduced to TiVi Tuan-san’s daily online publication in March 2016, recognising a high demand for a platform that caters to younger Vietnamese generations and wider Vietnamese communities across Australia.

The launch of TiVi Tuan-san’s television online in September 2016, pioneered the first online media source for the Vietnamese community in Australia. The people at TiVi Tuan-san pledge to continue to make current and balanced news accessible to Vietnamese communities across Australia.

Our mission, vision and values help guide the work of TiVi Tuan-san, which continues to serve the Vietnamese community in Australia.


To publish content that educates, informs and inspires the Vietnamese community.


To be the preferred and most trusted Vietnamese media organisation in Australia.


Maintaining trust within the Vietnamese community is important to us; we are independent and unbiased.

Our audiences are at the centre of everything we do.

Our news coverages endeavour to provide quality information and promote public awareness for all issues.­

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