AUSTRALIAN VIETNAMESE SCHOLARSHIP – Học bổng dành cho Sinh viên Úc gốc Việt của Avepa

12 Tháng Mười Hai, 2019 | Thông cáo cộng đồng


Avepa will award scholarships to the Australian students of Vietnamese origin (according to the available funds) who can best demonstrate they meet the following criteria:

  • They have achieved a high academic performance by having an ATAR score in excess of 85.
  • They have applied for and accepted an offer from a university who seek to cooperate with AVEPA.
  • They demonstrate they have a high commitment to contribute to the Australian community.
  • They show they have the potential to become a leader and a good team player in the Australian community, with the capability for accepting responsibility and be visionary.
  • They are committed to attend the 2 annual mentoring sessions provided for them by AVEPA.



  • AVEPA will advertise the scholarships by December each year on the AVEPA website and will close at a date in January when studens will have been able to receive and accept an offer from their chosen university.
  • AVEPA will chair a Selection Committee of persons with university experience to select students to be awarded scholarships based on their application.
  • AVEPA will advise the specific university of a student awarded a scholarship and will confirm with the university the level of funding they will contribute.


Click here to download the Application Form

Application deadlineuntil 24/01/2020